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Data Repository, Analysis, and Science Center

The Data Center maintains a repository for data and related knowledge for the CHEAR National Exposure Assessment Laboratory Network (link is external), including epidemiologic data provided by study principal investigators. After an embargo period, the CHEAR Data Center will provide publicly accessible de-identified datasets.

The Center further provides statistical analysis, data integration, and interpretation services to extramural researchers.

The Data Center:

  • Serves as the data conduit between the National Exposure Assessment Laboratories and the CHEAR investigators approved to use the Resource.
  • Provides statistical consultation and analyses for investigators using CHEAR laboratory analysis services.
  • Supports the development and dissemination of new statistical methods and informatics tools.
  • Develops and manages the CHEAR public use data repository and associated data science resources.
  • Develops and manages the CHEAR ontology, knowledge graph, and knowledge enabled services.
  • Provides data and analyses to the wider research community.

The Data Center also provides support for data harmonization across studies that may have similar aims, environmental exposure measures, or health outcomes but are possibly different in study design or methods of epidemiologic data ascertainment. The CHEAR Center for Data Science is led by experts in environmental epidemiology, computer science, ontologies, and biostatistics, and at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Other CHEAR Components: