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Working with CHEAR

Researchers can use the CHEAR website to apply for access to CHEAR services. Please go to How to Apply for specific instructions.

We encourage you to contact the Coordinating Center (CC) at prior to applying if you have questions about eligibility not addressed on this website. If you are eligible, the CC will arrange for you to have a pre-application consultation with a Lab Hub to assess the feasibility of your study questions and to better match your bioarchive to the most appropriate exposure and biological response assays.

You may be eligible to access CHEAR if all of the following apply:

  • You have an ongoing or completed epidemiological or clinical study on children’s exposures and related health outcomes.
  • You want to add environmental exposure data to your study or you need more extensive analysis of exposures early in life or during childhood to support your scientific hypothesis related to health outcomes in the child, or later in life.
  • Your study was funded at least in part by NIH extramural funds.
  • You are eligible to apply for an NIH grant at your home institution.
  • Your study has existing samples that are biological specimens collected from children and/or their parents. If your samples are not yet collected, CHEAR can provide consultation services.
  • You agree to share experimental design details and supporting data, including phenotypic data at the individual level, needed to facilitate the analysis to be conducted by the CHEAR consortium including both the CHEAR Data Center and Laboratory Network. This data will be de-identified and shared publicly through the CHEAR Data Repository.

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Page last updated: 
May 25, 2018