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Call for Pilot and Feasibility Program Applications

The Children’s Health Exposure Analysis Resource (CHEAR) Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) program will provide laboratory analysis services for generation of preliminary data in support of grant applications that add environmental exposure assessment to studies of children’s health.


The goals of the CHEAR P&F program are to:

  1. Encourage new and experienced investigators to add environmental exposure assessment to their studies of children’s health.
  2. Provide an opportunity for investigators to study novel exposures and outcomes.
  3. Provide investigators with ready access to CHEAR laboratory services to generate preliminary data for additional research funding from NIH or other national granting agencies.

Examples of the types of projects suitable for the CHEAR P&F program include laboratory analyses to:

  • Assess the adequacy (quality and/or volume) of stored biospecimens for exposure biomarkers
  • Determine if an exposure biomarker can be detected in stored biospecimens
  • Assess value of a biomarker for testing association between environmental exposures and health outcomes
  • Investigate the exposure distribution of an environmental chemical when it is unclear or unknown that the exposure is sufficiently present in the study population


An investigator may be eligible for the CHEAR P&F program if all of the following apply:

  • You are eligible to apply for an NIH grant at your home institution.
  • You have an ongoing or completed epidemiological or clinical study on children’s health.
  • You want to add environmental exposure data to your research or need more extensive analysis of exposures to support a scientific hypothesis related to children’s health outcomes.
  • You have existing samples that are biological specimens collected from children and/or their parents.

We especially encourage applications from investigators who have not previously included environmental exposure assessment in their research on children’s health.

Note: The CHEAR P&F program does not require that the original study, providing the biospecimens for a P&F application, must be funded by NIH. However, if an investigator wishes to apply for laboratory or data services from CHEAR for a larger study following the successful completion of a pilot study, his or her original study must be funded, at least in part, by NIH.

Scope of Services

The services provided under the CHEAR P&F program include both targeted and untargeted environmental exposures and biological response analyses of human biospecimens. The services will exceed neither 50 samples nor a total cost of $10,000 per application. Applicants may request analyses at a total cost greater than $10,000, but they will be expected to provide the additional funds.

To consult with a CHEAR laboratory on costs for analyses, contact us at

Application Information

A complete application submission includes:

  • Completed application form (Download the fillable Word Doc)
  • Biosketches for the Principal Investigator (PI) and up to three significant contributors

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us at with questions regarding the scope of services, costs of laboratory analyses, and the suitability of a proposal before submitting an application.

Application Review

CHEAR will begin accepting applications for the P&F program on January 8, 2018. All applications will be reviewed and applicants notified of decisions within 6 weeks after the submission deadline.

Application Submission Deadline

Applications must be submitted via e-mail to the CHEAR Coordinating Center at by February 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET.


If you have questions about the CHEAR P&F Program laboratory services, costs of biospecimen analyses, suitability of a proposal, or the application process, please contact us at

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December 19, 2017